James Brodie is an entertainer from Te Aroha, New Zealand- best known as the face of alternative-rock act Ivy Blue. He is also an author, mental health advocate, speaker, and actor- having worked with the Future Te Aroha Trust on various projects, including participating in countless productions as a member of ACTA for close to 2 decades- having also produced a film with them called "One Day Soon" in 2012. Throughout his life, James has also battled mental health issues and neurological disabilities Autism and ADHD. Despite this, James has continued to be creatively active and defying his critics, having performed in countless seasons at Future Te Aroha (including some of the biggest musicals in the world) since 2001, releasing new music with Ivy Blue regularly since 2014, and performing live both in New Zealand and overseas with his music and continuing to share his stories both on and off stage.

James talks about his journey in detail for the first time in his autobiography Broken Blue Skies, with no holds barred and offering an insight into his life not previously available as he has continued to fight his demons and work in the creative fields. The book is set for release on October 19th 2019, and pre-orders are available now.


James is also now available as a public speaker and is open to appearing at your next event. If you would like James to appear or speak at your event, please click the contact link at the top of the page and send us your details. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

About James


Picture this in your head as you read the first few sentences of this story. You’re in the wings of the stage just before the start of the show with the curtains closed. You take your place on the stage in total darkness; ready to tell a story that’s never been told. Then, the curtains open, the lights come up, and for the next 2 hours- you’re the centre of attention in the stories you tell and the characters that the story tells you to play. As soon as the curtains close, you lurk back into the world, almost as if the last 2 hours have been an illusion. Some people call me a shadow man, waiting in the wings for the right time to step into the lights of the stage. I see it as me just letting my work speak for itself.


My name is James Brodie. I am a musician, author, mental health advocate, student executive board member, and I have been acting for the better part of 2 decades. I have achieved all of this before the age of 23. Some people call me a natural threat in what I do. I just call myself a storyteller sharing stories of the things I have experienced, or the stories other people have written that I am telling through a character. The storyteller is the ultimate entertainer because they have a message and a purpose that goes into everything they do. They are also never short of a story to tell.


I’m used to telling stories in a multitude of ways; be it on stage, through music, or through the work I do in other areas. But these stories that you’re about to read are the stories that I’ve never shared in public before. Only the people that have been especially close to me over the years know about my scars and my darker moments. Lately though, I’ve been feeling a desire to use these stories as a tool rather than a secret or a thing that happened. This thought’s been coming up more and more as time has gone by. The only problem I’ve had telling these stories is how to tell them. I could put them into songs and then put them on an album, but I don’t feel that this would allow me to say everything that I want to say. So, my thoughts started to turn to writing things down- almost like a journal, just to let people into the cracks of the shadows we call life.


My life has been filled with many ups and downs, twists and turns, and even some bumps and shadows. The views on life’s highway are not always beautiful- in fact; there are times where the shadows are the only things you can see. The bumps that come with them seem to be well-placed just before the turn that will attempt to knock you off the road. And when you do go down, well… let’s just say that you know. I do- because I’ve been there before. I’ve had my shadows haunt me as I’ve tried to get through this thing, we call life. I’m no expert- but I know enough about my shadows to walk alongside them. And I want you to take a journey with me and my shadows too.


After all, you and I are on the same journey- we’re just taking two different roads to get to the end of this highway. We don’t know where we’re going; but we know where we’ve come from. Our footprints show us how far we’ve come, but they are not a guide to the future; nor do they tell us where to go. Likewise, I don’t know where we’re going with this story. But with that said, there’s only one way to find out.

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Broken Blue Skies



Broken Blue Skies



Broken Blue Skies



So, what have I learned over the last 20 odd years? There's a lot of things that I've experienced and hard lessons I've learned along the way. But maybe the biggest thing I’ve learned is to keep learning. Life seems to be a never-ending lesson with many stumbles along the way. But I suppose while we’ve all still got lessons to learn; we may as well stare at the clouds while we live our lives under Broken Blue Skies.

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One thing I have noticed is that I am very forward-thinking, and I always try to find new dreams to keep me going. But these days I also give myself permission to look backwards now and then. So far, it’s been a pretty good ride. I don’t know what’s next, but whatever it is; I’m sure I’ll tackle it head-on and create a better world for me and those I want to exist in it. Dreamers may someday fly with the doves but dreams never die. And nothing in childhood is ever wasted.

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